adamoocculo (adamoocculo) wrote in campustours,

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

Date Visited: July 10, 2006
Attended Information Session? Yes
Campus Tour? Yes
Interview? Yes

Campus Atmosphere:
I really liked the feel of this campus. I actually arrived two hours earlier than my interview time, so I got to walk around campus a bit without a tour guide. However, I never got lost once, so that's good. And I also liked that it was easy to get around to all of the buildings.

Did you think that the Information Session was informative? Interview?
The information session at Wash U was unique compared to that of other schools. Wash U had an admissions officer and a current student talk during the session, which was really nice, since I got to hear them talk about multiple aspects of the university with two perspectives. I think the university had one of the better information sessions thus far.
The interviewer was an undergraduate student, not an admissions officer. During the interview, I got to ask about campus life and other questions I had, so that was nice. My interviewer was also the student that talked during the information sesion.

I'll post them later when I get home.

They gave me free lunch! And a folder.. (with a pen) it made me happy. :)

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